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"The Bony Bunch"


Here is some info about our Team

 Micaela Hinten - 4th Year FLL


This is my fourth year in FLL. I like it because I get to research some AWESOME topics, learn a lot and most of all, have fun. I like to play soccer, sing, write, act, take pictures, chill out with my friends, read, and a ton of other totally random stuff like coloring with sharpies. =) I totally love hanging with my youth group and singing on the worship team. I'm currently a sophomore at Willow Farms Christian Academy, and I'm totally psyched for this year in LEGO!!  

Jaren Hinten - 4th Year FLL

My name is Jaren and this is my fourth year in FLL. This is one of my favorite activities because I love working with Lego's and I love being with my friends! Some of my other favorite activities are playing soccer and baseball, playing the drums, hanging out with my friends and playing video games. I am very excited about this year in FLL because I love learning something new!
Ian Mahaffy 2nd Year FLL

Hi, I'm 14 years old and I have loved robotics for years! I also enjoy photography, hanging out with my friends at church, reading, and gaming. I am in 8th grade and am home schooled.  
Zach Marker - 1st Year FLL

Hi, I'm Zach. This is my first year of FLL. It's been debated about where they got this random picture of me <--- but I think I've finally let it go...I like several things which I will conveniently list now: Guitar, Playing my Xbox 360, Eating pizza at 3AM, playing laser tag all night, going to my youth group and of course, hanging out with the team. I'm in  8th grade where I am currently enrolled in school. (We normally call it the living room.)
David Demuth - 1st Year FLL


David is a first time FLL team member and is really excited to be apart of it.  David's hobbies included drumming; a black belt in martial arts; and is a Life Scout in Boy Scouts.  He is also and active church member and enjoys life.  THANK YOU TEAMMATES FOR WELL..... I DON'T KNOW!
Coach Hinten - 4th Year FLL

Hello I am Coach Hinten and thank you for visiting our site. I am very excited about our team this year! They are a great group of kids and have some pretty awesome ideas. This is my forth year as a coach and it has been very rewarding watching my 2 oldest children and the other team members learn and grow thru the FLL experience. I expect great things from all of them again this year, I am sure I will not be disappointed.

My job as a machine designer for Honda is a real plus when it comes to the robots, but the biggest reward is seeing what the kids do with the project challenges each year. It is AMAZING what they can do! Keep up the great work kids.

Pictures of our Teamwork Challenges
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