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Welcome to the Bony Bunch Blog

1/26/2011-We have been very busy these past two weeks, and I apologize for neglecting our blog. We have revamped our presentation, entered in FLL's Global Innovation Award (A contest for winning $20,000 towards a patent and get our PTG developed for real), and practicing robot runs. We are really trying to rack votes, so if everyone can PLEASE vote for us, that would be AWESOMEE!!!!  We have also created a prototype of the push/pull lever. It is pretty sweet, if I do say so myself. :) State competition is less than a month away, and so we are all excited and I'm not gonna lie, a bit nervous. Here is the link to vote for us:

Type "The Bony Bunch" into the search (to search for teams).
Then, click on The Physical Therapy Game.
It will take you to our page and there should be a button to vote. Click on
If you want to see our submission, click on the "View Submission Document" under
the voting button. 
 Thank you all!


1/6/2011- 6:51p.m.- MARRY NEW YEAR...or something like that, any way, I'm psyched we won, can't wait till state, though we still have a lot to do. well... I know I have to say something...so...\\// live long and prosper!!!...........................IZM 

1/6/2011- 6:42p.m. - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  State is only a couple of weeks away!  We still have a lot of work to do on our robot such as coming up with magnetic attachments so we don't have to struggle to get our attachments on the robot.  This Saturday, we will be going to the Dublin, OH regional event to volunteer.  I don't know what we will be doing but it will be fun!................MR. D

12/20/2010- Oh. My. Gosh. I can't believe it. We won the champion's award at regionals. Everything went great that day. Our presentation-the first one of the morning-went perfect, our robot did better than it ever has before, and our teamwork was decent. I never ever would have thought we were going to win first, though. I mean, I knew we were pretty good, but I didn't think we were THAT good. Our team was very emotional when they called our names, because we were not expecting it. I am so glad we get the opportunity to go on to state because I know we have a lot of potential. Congratulations to all the teams who continue on with us, and to those who won an award. :) You all did amazing! ~Micaela♥

12/20/2010- Wow awards ceremony was amazing. they kept calling awards and we still didn't get any, until...... THE END we got first place at regionals! So thanks so much to coach, Heather Tippie, google and the rest of the team we did better than we expected. Awesome! ~Jaren~ 

12/17/2010- Today we have been packing-up, rehearsing, running and fine tuning robots, sorting parts and as always having fun riding the four-wheeler in the snow J. I am nervous about tomorrow but I am praying we do good and stay focused. We did a cool team challenge and I think we are ready. See you at competition! ~Jaren~

12/16/2010- We are two days away from Regional Competition. We are working ALL DAY today, getting ready, practicing the presentations, running our robot, and finishing last minute details on the notebooks. It's hard to believe the big day is almost here. I feel like we aren't even close to being ready, but at the same time, I think we have done a lot of work, and the judges should be impressed. Well, at least I hope they will be. lol. Our robot presentation is what I'm worried about the most, because we have been focusing so much on the research project, and haven't really worked on the robot presentation at all. I'm sure it will all come together though. We have worked really, really hard, and I can not wait to see what people think of our idea. :) ~Micaela♥

12/7/2010-Wow. Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Our team has been VERY busy getting ready for the competition WHICH IS IN 11 DAYS!! Our presentation is done and being practiced, our robot is doing smooth runs, and our team is very anxious/excited. =)  We've been working very hard, and have put a lot of effort into this year's project. We can't wait to show everyone our wicked sweet idea! This weekend we are working BOTH days-making shirts, practicing our presentation, running the robot, doing some teamwork challenges, eating pizza, and putting together the books for the judges. It's going to be awesome, and I can't wait! ~Micaela♥

11/4/2010-Today we had fun doing teamwork challenges. Our task was to take two metal ATV ramps, and 6 cinder blocks and we had to get all four people across the "death lake" using only these tools. We had certain restrictions and a certain amount of time. It really helped us learn to be respectful of each other and help each other out. We also had out team picture taken today. It took a REALLY long time because our photographer was...well, let's just say he didn't know how to handle a camera. It was really fun. I love hanging out with my li'l brothers! :) ~Micaela♥

11/4/2010- Today we conquered ...a lot? I don't remember, it was like... 5 minuets ago. Just kidding, we did whole (hole) lot. mostly classified info about our project...pretty much ditto to Pastor Dave...that's all-----------------------IZM

10/31/2010- Today we worked on our cool beans bot.  We programmed the bot to do our first "mission".  It only took us 3.5 hours.  It was fun!  We are going to beast the competition with our bot.  It was cool beans.  We also listened to a few songs.  Ya!!  That's all for now. Bi bi.--------------------------------------------Pastor Dave.

10/28/2010- Tonight I was enjoying listening to Mr. Hinten tell us about patent stuff. I was also enjoying flipping a certain coat hood up and down...she seems kind of...angry...AHHHHHHHHHHH----IZM

10/28/2010- Tonight we talked about our solution "TPG" and more about our research. We worked on our website too. We thought of  ideas for products and talked about patents for our AWESOME ideas. Ian is getting on my nerves cause he keeps flipping my coat hood up and down and I'm about to...never mind. The deed is already done. hehe. ~Micaela♥

10/21/2010.  Today we had our meeting at Ian's house because coach is under a lot of stress and secretly took a trip to Florida.  We discussed our research project and thought of some ideas for inventions.  We ate Life and swung on the swing.- David

10/21/2010 : Tonight Dad (Coach) was out of town so the moms were in charge. It was a very productive meeting despite the boys’ antsy-ness, and we figured out a solution to our “secret problem”! I was getting a little stressed because time is ticking for us to start on our presentation, so when we finally had a breakthrough, I was thrilled! Our presentation is going to rock everyone’s socks off, so watch out! =) ~Micaela♥

10/17/2010 : Well....... the blue tooth still doesn't work but we had to move forward, so we tried to get the rapid blood screening down. Now that was a task. We tried several wild things while listening to "Pants on the Ground" and came up with a top secret, consistent, accurate, sooo-much-better-than-yours attachment that did the job pretty darn well. All in all that was a pretty constructive day.  Oh yea, after practice coach fixed the Blutooth, we hope! ...Jaren...

10/17/2010 : Today we… well… we made a new robot… and some attachments… and we tried and failed at getting the Blutooth to work.  Well… we got stuff done.  …Zach…

10/14/2010 : Today we preformed an experiment that (as far as you know) yielded excellent results!   We went into the city  and parked in a large, deserted parking lot.  We the equipped each team member with various “injuries” and walked around the city.  We used a wheelchair, a walker, crutches, and an arm cast for our test.   We visited the local bank, a rather large hill, and did lots of walking and rolling through the city streets.  We got many weird looks and we made a kid very mad, but all in all it was a good experiment.  …Zach…

10/14/2010 : Wow. Tonight we did and experiment and got big results. As a team we "pretended" to have injuries and went into a local city. When we performed what would have been simple tasks, we learned it was very difficult with an injury. Something I found really interesting was the way all the people walking by responded. Most people stared, some gawked, and others just ignored us. It's like they thought we were insane. ~Micaela♥

10/7/2010 : Tonight, we, (being the people who don't own this software) learned how to use the program to make this blog.  Next week we are going to do a complex and innovative experiment to get unfiltered data straight from the source for use with our research paper.  ...Zach... and maybe David

10/5/2010 : Today we got our website up and running. It's coming along wonderfully! =) ~Micaela♥

10/4/2010 : We are now registered for the Wright State Regional event on December 18th. This means we only have about 11 weeks to prepare. I also found out there are over 300 teams just in Ohio this year. That is Awesome! ~ Coach Hinten

10/2/2010 : The focus of our day was coming up with some standards for our robot. We decided what ports we would always use for sensors and motors. We also discussed different types of gears and how they work. Some of the team rebuilt one of the robots to make the display  face the correct direction and allow access to the charging port for the battery. Some of the other team members tested another chassis to see if they could achieve a few missions consistently. All in all a pretty successful day! ~ Coach Hinten

10/2/2010 : We talked about our robot design and changed the bases of or robot. We also programmed the robot to get the patent consistently. : ) We talked about ratios and the way gears work too. ~ Jaren

9/30/2010 : Tonight at our meeting we dug deeper into our research topic. We are working on coming up with a solution to our Secret Problem...hehe =) ~Micaela♥

9/26/10 : Today we discussed our "Robot Design Criteria"... and we ate pizza...   ...Zach...

9/23/10 : Today we discussed the meaning of FIRST, Gracious Professionalism and the Core Values. We also decided on a topic for our research project.    ...Zach... 


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