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     We are the Monkeys on the Move and are a part of First Lego League in Ohio. Each year there is a different theme that a robot challenge and a research project is based on. This year, the theme was called “Smart Move” and had to do with transportation. 

     When we started thinking about what our research project would be based on, we thought about doing a topic that was based on transporting people, but then….well, we changed our minds. Funny thing, we actually picked our team name before we picked our topic. Being the monkeys we are, we picked our most favorite food of all……Bananas.  Picking that topic ended up being fairly difficult. Anyways.  Enough about unnecessary things.  

     Once we picked the topic “bananas”, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into! While doing our research, we loaded our monkey brains with tons of information. We went to our local Kroger store to find out more about packaging of the primary type of banana (the Cavendish). We also did an interview with a truck driver who had transported bananas in his semi truck, and a reusable plastic container specialist. 

     We were shocked to find out that our most favorite variety of bananas could be on the verge of being destroyed by a blight called the Panama disease. Knowing that people in America love bananas and would want to continue to eat them, we had to come up with a plan to safely transport and package new bananas for the future. We had to think a lot, but, with all of us working together, we came up with a brilliant solution! We would love it if you could check out our solution. 

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